Tuesday, July 30, 2019



Chic Silber said...

As always our many thanks Richard

Funny thing is they all look gray

or brown to me (but what do I know)

Chic Silber said...

You mentioned the Sumatran

in an earlier comment

How many different Rhino

species are (or were) there

Richard Reynolds said...

There are 5 species - -

White from Africa the most numerous except for the northern subspecies).

Black also African(Likely next most plentiful but it numbers are dwindling in a hurry).
(both of the above have two horns.)

Great Indian from India (making a comeback - -some 3,000)

Javan from that island (closely related to the Indian but now numbering only about 50)
It has never been shown in USA.
(both of these have but one horn),

Sumatran from that island and also Borneo - -has two rudimentary horns - -once rather plentiful ranging from eastern India through Burma, down the Malay peninsula and onto Sumatra and Burma but now down to about 80.

Richard Reynolds said...

The words white and black do not have reference to body color. Actually the word "white" as here used is a corruption of "Weit" Afrikans, referring to the large square mouth of the species

"Black" just came into use to distinguish the rhino from the white one.

The Germans have better descriptions of the two focusing on the difference between their respective mouths - - "hook lipped" for the black and "square mouth" for the white. These characteristics are readily apparent when looking at them.