Monday, July 15, 2019



Chic Silber said...

A nasty drive from Sarasota

It made the much more often

drive to Venice seem easy

Ron Finch said...

I was only there once, in 1976 I think. Thought it had great potential. Too bad it failed.

boppabill said...

A short drive from Orlando and Disney, but not enough took the drive.

Roger Smith said...

Floyd King said Feld thought he'd get the run-off from Disney, but Disney kept his visitors and got Feld's as well.

Buckles told me the Felds had townie theme park people running things, when they needed the values of true circus people. One top Feld front office gazoonie referred to the needed trucks and especially the living trailers on the lot as a "damned gypsy camp". With such attitudes on staff, deterioration sets in that will not be reversed.

I was at 6 Flags, in Arlington, Texas, in its 1962 beginnings. The atmosphere there, from front office bosses to the kids who swept up the joint, was one of great positivity and supportive attitudes toward all that had been copied from Disneyland. 6 Flags is still open. And the Feld thing--?