Thursday, May 16, 2019

ZOO #4


Chic Silber said...

Sturdy looking fellow

Jim Alexander said...

Won't see elephants at LPZ now. They stopped exhibiting elephants several years ago. I think Brookfield Zoo has too. People in the Chicago area probably have to go to Milwaukee to see elephants.

4pawfan said...

Tell all your friends to come down to the Houston Zoo. Daryl Hoffman and the Baylor College of Medicine have been saving the baby elephants and I think we are up to 10 now. They have a daily webcam of the elephants and for an extra surcharge they even have a behind the scenes encounter package available.

You can log on to the Houston Zoo page to watch the elephants. (hard to get any work done sometimes) Also google the story of Daryl Hoffman and the work that Baylor did in saving these great animals. They don't get enough credit and you won't find it in the news. (well except in Houston) pj holmes