Thursday, November 08, 2012

Cheerful Gardner #1 (From Buckles)


1903 Ringling Bros. (menagerie hand)
1904 Hagenbeck Animal Show (St. Louis Worlds Fair)
_____Carl Hagenbeck Circus
1909 Hagenbeck-Wallace (Asst. Supt. menagerie)
_____Patterson Carnival
_____J.E. Henry Circus
1911-13 Sun Bros. Circus
1915-17 Cole Bros. (J. Augustus Jones)
1918 Walter L. Main Circus (Andrew Downie)
1919 Al G. Barnes Circus (MenagerieSupt.)
1920-22 Al G. Barnes Circus (Elephant Supt.)
1923-24 John Robinson Circus
1925-35 Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus
1936 Peru, Indiana Quarters
1937-38 Hagenbeck-Wallace (Howard Y. Bary)
1939-40 Surplus H-W elephants in Calif.

1943 Russell Bros. Circus
1944-45 Arthur Bros. Circus
1946-47 Polack Bros. Circus (Western Unit)
1948-50 Polack Bros. Circus (Eastern Unit)
1951 Howard Y. Bary Zoo Train

Died March 17, 1952


Buckles said...

Louie Stern told me that sometimes Cheerful would be infirm to a point he worked the act with a couple of prop hands pushing him around the ring on a baggage cart.
You know, with that thought in mind it's conceivable I just might come out of retirement.

Ole Whitey said...

Buckles: I've got a closet full of walkers and wheelchairs and extra canes and am willing to negotiate.

Anonymous said...

And today Buckles you would have your own motorized scooter.

Yours in anticipation,


Dennis said...

With a list of employment that long, he died of exhaustion no doubt.