Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wally Ross #1 (From Buckles)

05-26-2012 03;44;48PM by bucklesw1
05-26-2012 03;44;48PM, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.
We have been busy lately storing a lot of Shannon's household equipment here since at the end of school they will leave their apartment and move to a home to be built here.
During all the commotion we came across a cardboard box containing between 5 to 6 thousand 8' x 10' photos, stored and forgotten, quite a few bear comments by my father.
I'll start off today with a tribute to the Golden West. There may be a few previously shown that I rehashed for continuity.


Harry Kingston said...

Sounds like you all are in competition with the circus world museum on who has the most photos.
As always thanks for sharing with us fans as this sure beats setting in a filing cabinet for eternity.
Harry in Texas

Buckles said...

I should have said 5 or 6 hundred.
I'm not too lucid at 5 AM.