Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sarasota Quarters #7

SAVE0476 by bucklesw1
SAVE0476, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.


Bob Cline said...

I've seen this picture before from a different angle where the elephant is more visible.

How did they get the elephant up there? Was a ramp used then pulled out of view for the photos?

Could an elephant climb the stairs? I have to ask as I don't know.

Harry Kingston said...

I bet Artie has the biggest smile of all of these guys with the money he will get for all those new seat wagons.
Harry in Texas

John Herriott said...

Frank McKlosky, Lloyd Morgan, North, Concello, Cap Curtis, and up in seat wagon is Hugo Schmidt with Elephant

John Herriott said...

McKlosky, Morgan, North, Cap Curtis, Concello. Hugo Schmidt up on wagon. johnny

Ole Whitey said...

Buckles: Was Cap Curtis involved in the building of these wagons, or was he just brought down for the photo op?

Bob: Yes elephants can climb stairs. When playing buildings they often have to do all sorts of things, even crawling under bleachers or through low tunnels to get into the buildings.

Builders of college field houses don't think about circuses and elephants, just sports.

Buckles said...

I think Curtis' appearance was only a symbolic gesture.
This looks like something Concello would come up with but the nuts and bolts were surely worked out by the engineers at the factory.

As far as "Minyak" goes, all Hugo had to do was yell "Alles Auf".

Isn't that Jenny Wallenda peering out from the second row.