Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sarasota Quarters #2

05-29-2012 03;37;04PM by bucklesw1
05-29-2012 03;37;04PM, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Walter McLain with the center ring 8-act.
Those Al G. Barnes elephants were pretty big.


John Herriott said...

Boy This NcClain was one hellava guy. I never saw an eight act in one ring. I believe at times Hugo had seven when he would incorporate a young elephant in the act. I heard that McClain came from Sparks where he worked under Louie Reed as did Rex aqnd Smokey on Daily Bros. johnny

John Herriott said...

ALL trunks up. I like that. Tanglefoot

Bob K said...

Where is number 8?
Bob Kitto