Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Jessie" #7

05-28-2012 10;30;21AM by bucklesw1
05-28-2012 10;30;21AM, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.
1952-54 Hawthorn Melody Dairy
1955 Miller Bros. Pigeon Forge, Tenn.
1956 Miller Bros. Circus
1957-71 R.A. Miller shopping Center Show
1972-76 Mrs. Olive Lake Mary, FL
1977-82 Hoxie Bros. #2 Unit
1983 Miami Zoo
1984-86 Hoxie Bros. Circus
1987-94 Carden International

(I stopped keeping records in 1995 and am unaware of Jessie's final days.)


Ryan Easley said...

I found a note in Circus Report that Hoxie's Jessie and Bonnie were also at Miami in 1986. Can you tell us more about Hoxie and the Miami Zoo ride contract?

Buckles said...

No I had stopped listing elephants by then, the reason being my friendly neighborhood USDA Inspector asked if it was true that I knew where all the elephants in the country were and who owned them.

Ryan Easley said...

Wow, talk about a killjoy. Good thing I don't know shit!

John Herriott said...

Betty was also in Miami as the last Of Hoxie circus enterprises and were sold to George Cardinjohnny

john goodall said...

Maybe Bob Cline can fill in the blanks.