Monday, May 30, 2011

RBBB Specials #6

Circus6, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.


Mike Naughton said...

The opening of the TV Special with Jim Dale, Ben Vereen and a cast of charismatic circus celebrities...


Anonymous said...

What well know Hollywood director of live tv special's, who directed many Ringling tv specials(who was quoted as saying the 1984 Blue was the best he had ever seen), also directed the famous Elvis Presley black leather "68" Come Back Special?

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

White "Burmese" Tigers??....LOL

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Wait a minute. Maybe the presenter of the White Burmese Tigers was without significance, hence the "playing" up of words with "Burmese"....LOL

On the other unit I note they just said "Gunther and a white tiger"...

Anonymous said...

I don't note any name mentioned including Miguel Vasquez, exception being the host's........ This was the 2nd tour anyway and by then people knew who Miguel and North America's Own were,,,,


Chic Silber said...

I guess "White Inbreds" wouldn't

have had the same ring to it

and they never could have gotten

that past Jack Ryan anyway

Chic Silber said...

Now that he's back from Alaska

I'm sure we'll here from him

Wonder if he set up this bus

tour for their ex governer

Anonymous said...

Mr. Silber,
What an amazing man you are. Your extensive knowledge of Gypsy Vanner's was incredible, surpassed only by your feline knowledge. It would be great if you could take some time away from building stage sets, and publish a zoological book or two. At the very least do something with NatGeo. Share the wealth.
Dr. Mann

Chic Silber said...

I had the opportunity to learn

about Gypsy Caravan horses many

years ago at an incredible draught

horse show & exhibition in Hyde

Park in London that was assembled

by an international association

that had many more breeds from

at least 2 dozen countries than

you could ever imagine

It was truly most interesting

Big cats I've learned about from

the many trainers I have worked

around (& have gotten to know)

during my 50+ years in the trade

Roger Smith said...

Replied on June 1, if anyone comes back this far:

The director Anon is looking for was Steve Binder. Danny Dent and I were at NBC the night of the Elvis "Comeback" special. We had taken Jungleland's Nila the Hippo down for the animal gag gift for Let's Make a Deal. We were in the hallway, just inside the big ramp for Stage One, when the Colonel burst in with 20 guys surrounding Elvis, making a big show of hiding his star, but with Elvis waving to everyone, we all saw him. For those interested, the special aired on December 3, 1968, and the black leather Elvis wore was designed by Bill Belew.

johnny said...

Walter Miller was the top notch guy directing so many circus specials ans Academy awards, etc. Most of the Hollywood specials of those times. He even produced some himself. I kknew him well. He was a "take charge" guy. No bullshit Hollywood nicey, nice crap when working. But had a wry sense of humour. We, Mary Ruth and I, worked two Mac'ys parade TV specials and Walter directed both. I believe the Hollywood Moguls were afraid to venture without Walter Miller. He personally did not like Irvin.Johnny.Also the award winning director right following or even during those times was John Moffit. He did Academy awards, etc. Also the "Gunther" special, "Circus Super Heroes" and "Highlights" Very nice man, extremely capable and directed the actual tapings in the taping trailer or room with ear phones and hands on all controls. Wore bottle cap glasses, just like Irvin. I coordinated both the Gunther and circus super heroes [segments taped a Circus World] as circus rep. Gunther hadcomplete confidence in me to coordinate his activities with the directo and taping crew. Irvinand circus also viewed my participation favorably and rewarded me with a little extra shemollians. Was a nice time in my career. I should say, both Irvin and Kenneth.Johnny