Tuesday, May 31, 2011

L.E. Barnes #3

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William C.Shoop said...

What excitement their was when L.E.Barnes came to Kissimmee,Fl.This photo was taken behind the Kissimme Valley Livestock Show Pavillion.Right beside the old Silver Spurs Rodeo Stadium now gone.It was replaced by a new eight thousand seat air conditioned arena.
This lot has been used by many shows over many decades.Including Roberts Brothers,Stering and Reid,Walker Brothers,Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers,and Hoxie brothers on the otherside of this property.
KIssimmee has never been a good show town.In my estimation lousy.
King Brothers played in this town in 67 or 67.The PBA wasnt happy with their dealings with the show as I recall.
Circus Pages use to play the pavillion.

Chic Silber said...

Say Bill do you think that might

have been 67 for King Bros

(only havin fun wif u)

William C.Shoo said...

KInda reminds me of "Vern you know what I mean or Im jus sayin,I pacifically recall!!LOL

Circus Photos said...

This truck was painted by Jim Hand.