Monday, May 30, 2011

From Sue Lenz #1

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Hi Buckles:

Another TV Special to go with Jerry Digney's collection.



Jim A. said...

I remember one of the specials had Sue sitting in the audience with a chimp and a forgotten host. I did remember the important things, Sue and I guess the chimp was Sally.

William C.Shoop said...

How I wish we had programs like this on tv now.They were informercials but nothing like we are bombarded with today.So many channels and yet its a total cultural wasteland."And they say the good ole days werent!!

jerry digney said...

this was 1975 (i probably have this ad in another file, thanks Sue!) and 10 year old Barry Lappy (think "Mr. Misten") from the U.K. was on the show with his lovely parents in tow--in the end I thought his act was pretty mediocre and not Ring 2 material, but Irvin was all excited about it and it worked for pr;

Clownron said...

Dancing in a George M Cohen spec was just great.