Saturday, May 28, 2011

Circus Festival #1 (From Vincent Manero)

Yasmine_2, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Hello Mr Woodcock,

Several days ago you posted some pictures of the Holscher Elephants. Here are some more photos of their
act at the European Circus Festival in Liège (Belgium) in December 2010. I find Lars did a nice job with these old
girls with limited potential. Good looking African.

Also included three picutres of Yasmine Smart liberty act at the
same festival.

Hope Mr Herriott will enjoy these photos.

Best Wishes.

Vincent Manero


Chic Silber said...

These appear to be Gypsy Caravan

horses (given the new name Vanner

recently by some US importers to

create a brand & registry here)

The Roma of the UK have been

breeding these for many years

Larry allen Dean said...

how old are these horses and did Ms Smart train them ?

Anonymous said...

As far as I know these Irish Tinkers come from the Swedish Cirkus Olympia (Bengtsson Fam.). I don't know how old they are but Yasmine Smart didn't train them. She replaced at the last minute Stéfan Agnessens (founder of the Festival) because of health reasons.

Vincent Manero

Chic Silber said...

Irish Tinkers or Travelers are

the Roma of Irish origin but the

cross bred draught horses are

virtually the same as the Gypsy

Caravan horses

tanglefoot said...

AQlways a big deal in America when a new breed shows up. They are really not a practical breed, kind of small draft stock with feathered legs. Not good "circus horses' other than being spotted black and white. Erika Zerbini has one used in entrance run around prior to her six arab act. No big deal.tanglefoot

johnny said...

To Chic; I must reply to a comment of yours on a blog recently. Can't find the blog so hope this will do. Concerning Jenda and his Bertha-Tanya elephant acts. Jenda was sensational with all of these acts over the years and we in the elephant handling fraternity would profess him to be the king of singleO elephant acts. However I feel it is important keep certain aspects of elephant training should be recognized. Jenda never had or trained the "one foot stand" that recently referred to. I say that because tgat particular feat is rarely accomplished by a handful of quality trainers and should be recognized as such. Any group of bull hand scholars sitting by the picket line would immediately know the history of this trick and in reference to- I believe Hugo brought one from Europe. MacDonald came with the first American trained with Opal and then a few others. Buckles has a couple in his resume and Bucky Steele can lay claim to a couple. I and others came close but that is not the same. Oh yes, Tony Smaha, Jenda's father trained one For Howard Suesz and Believe both Joyce and Sherma, Hamid elephants under trainer Al Vidbel. Jenda never had that as part of his repertoire, so you can see why I feel it important to keep the record straight. Jenda always had the revolving mirror pedestal with front leg stand.A good hind leg walk is always recognized as well. There are a few elephants that could be part of a Sup er Star category, but thats for another time. Elephant guys out there please respond to who I msy have omitted. Thanks and Chic I always enjoy your comments. Johnny

Chic Silber said...

Thanks John for the correction

I have found that my memory has

from time to time the ability to

enhance the past & clearly I had

this mental image of that trick

as I thought I saw it in Sparks

I would have lost the bet had

almost anyone else claimed that