Thursday, April 28, 2011

Regarding Port Gibson (From Dave Price)

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Lots of show folks lived in Port Gibson. F S Wolcott of Rabbit Foot Minstrels fame owned a small hotel there and I knew two old time billposters who lived there: Elmer Yancy and Mark Frisbee.

The scenes in "Raintree County" that show the old burned our plantation mansion were shot right out of here. I believe the old place was called "Windsor."

Port Gibson is also where one church has a steeple in the shape of a hand with the index finger pointing straight up.


Jack Ryan said...

Dave and Buckles,

Port Gibson is still a charming small southern town, about 25 miles south of Vicksburg.

I was there last fall. Noticed a historical marker concerning the Rabbit Foot Minstrels in the downtown area.

The ruins of Windsor Plantation are still there. So's the church steeple with a finger pointing toward heaven.