Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Proske #15

Proske-15, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Following an engagement at the Palace Theater in New York in 1949, Proske decided to retire to Florida. (While in retirement, he trained this male jaguar “not with any professional purpose in mind but simply for the fun of it.”) Used copies of LIONS, TIGERS, AND ME are readily and inexpensively available from If you knew and/or worked with Roman Proske and have additional information to post about his life and career, it will be greatly appreciated by the rest of us.


Unknown said...

Erik -

Thanks, once again, for bringing history to life. I really enjoy your ongoing series. Keep up the good work!

Buckles -

Thanks for continuing to post these contributions, it's much appreciated! ~frank

Roger Smith said...

Also look for Proske's book under its British version title, MY TURN NEXT.

Jim A. said...

Thanks Eric for the photos and thanks Roger for the additional information. I first read the book long ago with a copy from the library. Later I got a copy of "My Turn Next" at a discount book store. When Marlin Perkins died Dierctor Charlie Hoessle got to go though his book collection and gave me Mr. Perkins copy of "Lions, Tigers, and Me". Brought back some good memories.

clownron said...

Wow... good stuff!