Friday, April 29, 2011

From Bill Powell

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I wanted to pass this on for blog readers. Phil Mckinley who directed several successful editions of Ringling is now working on Spiderman on Broadway. He was interviewed on the Today Show yesterday.

New team's Rx for 'Spider-Man': Turn up the romance
The new director and writers of "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" revealed their plan Tuesday to rescue the troubled and expensive Broadway musical: Focus on the love story.



The lead producer of "Spiderman-the musical" is Toronto's Michael Cohl.

He is the most successful independent rock concert promoter in history. Worldwide tours of the Rolling Stones, U2, etc.

It has been my opinion, from the time that he took over, that his long term goal was to tour "Spidey" in ARENAS and STADIA around the world. Also, extended stays in Vegas, London, etc.

But first, he had to have a HIT!

Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS to you and the Committee for conceptualizing and doing such a FABULOUS job on the Ringling Marketing REUNION !!

You all spent a great deal of time and effort making it such a success!!

And what a highlight that Kenneth attended!!

Also, many thanks for getting my number from Roy Wells!!

Please tell your assistant, Ms.Naghtin that she is a real trouper!!