Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1950's Elephants #2

04-25-2011 11;34;03AM, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

This is identified as Clyde Beatty Circus 1953.
The harness looks 1950's vintage but the barn is a lot like the grandstand in DeLand.
What do you think Dave?


Ole Whitey said...

I think you're right. They first went to Deland after the second 1956 season, in other words after reopening at the end of August and sweeping the South.

Roger Smith said...

You're both right. I visited back there just to look over the remnants of the old Volusia County Fairgrounds. Plainly seen here are the tiers of the seats and the I-beam supports. Horseracing fans never dreamed their grandstands would convert to an ideal elephant barn.

Ole Whitey said...

Of course you guys are aware that the Johnny J Jones Exposition also wintered in these same old fairgrounds buildings years earlier.

And that Beatty had the featured back-end show over there two years: 1941-1942.


Amongst my many carnival pixs, I have a set of the Jones Show when wintering on this property.

Ole Whitey said...

Jim: Send 'em in. Maybe we can get the old Blogmeister to pass 'em around.


I'll have to wait until this coming fall, as I will be leaving in the next few weeks for my summer season with my sons carnival in Michigan.
When I return in the fall I'll send them to Buckles.