Thursday, April 28, 2011

1915 Jones Bros. Circus #8

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"Myrtle", "Bonnie" and "Babe" trained by Cheerful Gardner.
Purchased by Charlie Sparks at auction when the Jones Show folded (now called Cole Bros,) in 1917.

BABE (Sparks Babe)
1915 Jones Bros. Circus
1916-17 Cole Bros. Circus
1918-31 Sparks Circus
1932-48 Ringling-Barnum Circus
1949 Dales Bros. Circus
1950 Stevens Bros. Circus
(Died at the Hugo Fairgrounds in Feb. of 1951)

Her hide was tanned and used to cover the new furnature in Kelly Miller's large estate under construction across from quarters.
Her head was mounted over the "Silver Dollar Bar" in the basement.
All lost when the original structure was destroyed by fire during which the top was taken off the responding fire engine by the arch way front gate.