Thursday, December 09, 2010

Teddy Roosevelt III at Ringling-Barnum 5.13.24

Teddy Roosevelt III
It wasn't just the current inhabitants of the White House who were among Washington's "political royalty" attending The Greatest Show on Earth in 1924. Teddy Roosevelt III, grandson to the 26th President, was also on hand for a performance May 13, 1924 - and the news photographers snapped this picture of him in the backyard.

Chris Berry

GEORGE DENMAN (seen at left)

1891 Sells Bros. Circus (Australia)
1892-93 Sells Bros. Circus
1894-95 W.B Reynolds Circus
1896-97 Robinson & Franklin Shpws
1898-08 Barnum & Bailey (Five years in Europe)
1910-11 Forepaugh-Sells Shows (Owned by Ringling)
1912-18 Ringling Bros Circus
1919-33 Ringling-Barnum Circus
(Died in 1937)



Anonymous said...

Mr Woodcock,
I have seen Mr Denman mentioned on your blog previously.From your information,was he an Australian? or had he just worked in Australia?.Hope you are keeping well?.
Glenn Sullivan
Whipsnade zoo,UK

Anonymous said...

Teddy III would have been 10 years old when this photo was taken. He would later be a navy flyer in the Pacific during WWII. His father, Ted Jr. was in the fighting in North Africa and would go ashore with the first wave on D-Day at Normandy. He would be credited with the saving of the landings on Utah beach. Henry Fonda played him in the movie "The Longest Day". I have always remmebered his line when his troops were put a mile south of their landing zone on the beach "We'll start the war from right here".