Sunday, December 12, 2010

From Tim Tegge #3

ELEPHANTASTIC, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Hot off the press and ready to ship, just in time for the holidays, is my latest DVD offering: "ELEPHANTASTIC!" Clocking in at ever-so-slightly less than two full hours, this collection of all things elephant contains about 25 different elephant acts (both partial and many complete), in addition to several additional incidental clips taken on various shows. Among those featured are DANIEL SUSKOV working the Tarzan Zerbini elephants (1990); OSCAR and MARIAN CRISTIANI (1969 Rudy Bros. in Hawaii); CHICO WILLIAMS on BAC (about 1983?); KAYE'S HOLLYWOOD ELEPHANTS with Judy Kaye (also in Hawaii for E.K. Fernandez); BOBBY and ROSA GIBBS at CWM in the late 1970's; JEAN SCHMITT with the RBBB Circus World (FLA) herd; PHIL and FRANCINE with DONDI (Bozo TV special, 1986); REX and AVA WILLIAMS with the Beatty-Cole herd on a 1967 TV show, "Coliseum", and even BUCKLES WOODCOCK working the RBBB herd in 1978 (from 8mm film that "yours truly" shot)!

A particular rarity included is a wonderful piece of old 16mm film (that has completely deteriorated since I originally acquired it decades back) featuring MACK and PEGGY MacDONALD training the old Polack herd at their place in San Antonio, Texas, in 1963. No spangles or make-up here, but remarkable footage never before seen, shot by George Scaperlanda nearly fifty years ago. There is also a short clip of Mack and Peggy working with TOMMY HANNEFORD and baby INA, also in Texas.

There are a number of import offerings, as well: KEN BENNEWEIS with the Benneweis elephants (1992); CEASAR TOGNI from a 1960's episode of Don Ameche's "Int'l Showtime"; MARY CHIPPERFIELD working a single bull with a dog; BOBBY ROBERTS and the Robert Bros. Circus elephants from England; and so on.

The DVD is a compilation of privately shot 8, Super 8, and 16mm films - some of which date way back (1908 - "Jumbo" the elephant, working on a vaudeville stage in Chicago); brief, but wonderful glimpses of Black Diamond from the Barnes show, in the early 1930's, etc. There are also kinescope transfers of TV appearances by JENDA SMAHA with Bertha and Tina on the old "Hollywood Palace" show; HUGO SCHMITT on RBBB.... The list goes on.

A whole lotta bull, for a little bit 'o' change! It's $19.95, postage paid, and can be ordered on line (, or via snail mail (P.O. Box 661, Baraboo, WI 53913-0661). I'll accept checks, money orders, PayPal (on line) payments, Hagenbeck-Wallace one-sheets (or equivalent) in trade, etc. No small children, please (unless they are two-headed, in which case I'll contact Johnny Meah to paint me up a banner right away)!


John said...

I suspect that's Kim Benneweis rather than Ken.