Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1948 RBBB (Set 1) #9

48 RBBB 1-9, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

In 1948, Merle Evans’ band was located on a platform at track level.


Lane Taburt said...

This photo's cutlines were inaccurate. The Associated Press on March 8, 1943, reported that among those returning for that year's Ringling Bros tour was "Merle Evans, who didn't miss a performance in 24 years until he left the circus in 1942 after the musicians union and management disagreed over wages. Recorded music was used the rest of the season..."
Circus historians have pointed this out numerous times. However, what many do not know was that Evans served as the interim band director for the Hardin-Simmons University Cowboy Band in 1942. As a 963 alum of Hardin-Simmons (in Abilene, TX), I was told that Evans practically scandalized the Baptist-run college's administration by leading a school band at a dance attended mostly by HSU students. After all, Baptist weren't supposed to dance. I'm certain Evans had a good laugh.

Eric said...

Some years ago, THE WHITE TOPS ran an obituary for one of Merle Evans’ bandsmen from the under canvas days. It mentioned that he had conducted the band for a single Ringling performance in Madison Square Garden in 1950 while Merle was attending his wife’s funeral.