Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1948 RBBB (Set 1) #6

48 RBBB 1-6, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

According to Joe Bradbury, the 1948 elephant herd numbered 36. (A 37th elephant, Margaret, went with the herd to Madison Square Garden to open the season and was then shipped to Italy.)


Chic Silber said...

Hi Buckles

Were there any males in the herd

back in those days or all "girls"

Mike Naughton said...

Margaret the elephant went to the Alberto Zoppé Family's Circus as part of the contract that was negotiated to bring Alberto, Cucciolo and part of the family to the GSOE.

Buckles said...

No males.

1948 herd in order of seniority.

1. Trilby (Ringling)
2. Pinto
3. Nellie
4. Katie
5. Jennie (Ringling)
6. Marcella
7. Eva
8. Big Modoc
9. Tillie
10. Myrtle
11. Babe (Sparks)
12. Trilby (H-W)
13. Ruth (Barnes)
14. Babe (Barnes)
15. Jewel (Barnes)
16. Jennie (Barnes)
17. Palm
18. Lois
19. Tony
20. Josky
21. Minnie
22. Dolly
23. Mary (Sparks)
24. Modoc (H-W)
25. Topsy
26. Jennie (H-W)
27. Babe (H-W)
28. Jewel (H-W)
29. Ruth (H-W)
30. Judy
31. Kernaudi
32. Minyak
33. Mudu
34. Sabu
35. Icky
36. Emily (African)

The show actually arrived in the Garden with 37 elephants but "Margaret" was shipped out of NYC to a small circus in Italy as the result of a prearranged swap for the riding star Cucciola.

Frank Ferrante said...

The Zoppe Italian Family Circus will once again appear in the Phoenix area Christmas through New Years'. It's a GREAT little bit of historic circus! ~frank