Sunday, May 09, 2010

Jason Walker-Tigers & mixed animals & Jennifer Walker-Performing Dogs & Single Trap

Hello Buckles,
Jennifer Walker told me that the first thing John Herriott does in the morning is to check out your blog. I took this photo of Jennifer & Jason on Cole Bros. the other day that he may therefore might enjoy seeing it some day.
I am also attaching additional photos that I took around the Cole backyard of personalities involved with this years' production.
Best regards,
Don Curtis


Buckles said...

Don, thanks for the compliment but I'll bet that checking the Blog is the second thing Johnny does.
(He makes coffee first!)

Jimmy Cole said...

I have known this brother & sister duo since they were small children. A great addition to the 2010 Cole Bros. Circus! Their older brother John, is with his dad's show, Walker Bros Circus.

Jennifer's aerial act however is "Cloud Swing", not single trapeze.

Chic Silber said...

Wouldn't that make it the third

thing (like the rest of us)

Anonymous said...

ive been trying to find out forever if jason walker is dying to take him out....seriously

kris said...

so no one answered is jason single,,,,hes going to be on long island for a little while i wanna meet up with jason are you interested??? female 27 from massapequa n cute :)