Monday, May 10, 2010

From Buckles #1

Scan12967, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

This is a page from the 1953 Ringling Program
however I don't see Klauser's Bears listed that
season so the date these pictures were taken
is questionable.

From this angle, it's difficult to tell who the elephant might be.

I have a picture of one laying dead beside the loading ramp of a railroad car and written on the back is "Manula". Indicating she may have died during arrival or departure in Havana.


Hilary said...

Thanks for your help, Buckles - I appreciate it! I think the bears pictures were taken the year before - Dec. '51/Jan. '52, maybe? Cheers ~ Hilary

Hilary said...

Buckles, I've looked at the Cuba program for Dec '52/Jan '53; it lists "Los Osos De Klausser" - are these those bears? Thanks for whatever help you can provide! ~ Hilary

Buckles said...

You are right, my sources were the 1950 RBBB American program and Route Book.
A special program in Spanish would be used in Cuba. I have one somewhere.
Klausers bears would have been a better fit for the more intimate Sports Palace.