Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Paul Gutheil Film Festival #11

Scan12863, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Paul was on hand for our last day with the Big Apple in 2000
in Shelburne, Vermont.
I always took the awning down in the afternoon between shows
on closing day so we could get off the lot in a hurry should the
Sheriff be summoned or whatever reason.
In this case we made a few more dates working out of
Commerford's place and closed the season at the Big E.
Shortly after arrival in Florida I received a call from Gary Johnson
saying he was kicking out on Universoul and would I be
So we always managed to keep busy.


Anonymous said...

They have a nice piece of land out there in Goshen CT-
did u visit commerfords often ?
If I recall correctly he had 3 ele' out there - however 1 was relocated to Florida ? I think her name was Nellie ?
They maybe down to 1 africian and 2asians now ?