Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Paul Gutheil Film Festival #1

Scan12855, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

I was looking thru my Big Apple stuff and realized that
the vast majority came from Paul Gutheil, must be at least
a thousand photos.


Anonymous said...

Paul is loaded for bear--or elephants--everywhere he goes. His circus photos are a national treasure. Thanks, Paul, for your decades-long pursuit of circus people and life, and thank you, Buckles, for culling this latest selection from the thousands of photos that Paul has shared with you.

Lane Talburt

Nathan said...

Who is the male on your left, Buckles? Why does he only have one martingale?

Buckles said...

He would sometimes scuff up the other elephants in the truck when traveling.
One short piece of chain eliminated this.

Anonymous said...

What r the names of them buckles ?
ESP the bull !

Oh - by the way - purple is your color - looks great !
Timmy D