Friday, April 02, 2010

Howes Great London #1 (From Dick Flint)

Howes rider001, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Photo #1

The initial photo of two mounted pseudo-knights in the wonderful series of photos of the 1920 Howes Great London recently posted reminded me of another knight pictured on the ORIGINAL Howes Great London and shown here (from a book by journalist Arthur Pember that includes a chapter about the Howes London show). After an earlier multi-year foray in England and on the continent in the years just before and during the Civil War, Seth B. Howes returned to England in 1870 to launch another show to travel in England and then the continent. He brought it to America, however, in 1871 and it was as impressive a show as Barnum’s new venture, also debuting that year. It faltered with the Panic of 1873 and soon a series of other showmen were vying for its control throughout the 1870s. Finally, a poster printer who was owed much money took possession and quickly sold it to James A. Bailey, hence the London part of the famous partnership that began just a couple of years later in 1881 as Barnum & London.