Monday, March 29, 2010

Howes Great London 1920 #1

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The previous year 1919, Jerry Mugivan and Bert Bowers, owners
of the John Robinson Circus, joined Ed Ballard, owner of the
Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus to form the American Circus Corp.
In 1920 both of these shows remained on 30 cars and a third unit
was framed on 15 cars and named Howes Great London Shows,
a title often used by Mugivan and Bowers in the past.
For the new show three elephants were purchased from William P.
Hall, "Lockhart Nellie", "Barnum Alice" and "Wallace Lizzie" plus a young male from Sangers Midgets "Toto".
Joe Metcalf was hired as elephant boss while Chris Zeitz remained
with John Robinson (10 elephants) and Bert Noyes with H-W (10


Roger Smith said...

OFF SUBJECT, but Duchess Rebecca's photo was posted way down on March 25. She called today saying thanks for copies I sent of the Carol Buckley demise, posted March 23. I told her of some 17 responses, including those seeking viewpoints from Our Girl. She is still off-line, so I asked for a quote for the blog, and she said, "Tell them I found religion, got down on my knees, and said, yes, there is a God!" She misses the blog, but still has unsettled battles with the phone company, preventing her access.

With her permission, I include her address: Ms. Rebecca Apponey, 2702Roosevelt Ave., Granite City IL 62040-1929. KAREN GLENN and CINDY POTTER, she asks to hear from you.

ON SUBJECT, Howes Great London: The next season over there, 1921, Clyde Beatty's first day on a circus was August 16, in Washington Court House, Ohio.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rog! I sent The Divine Miss "D" a copy of the Buckley letter, too!

Karen Glenn said...

Thanks so much Roger!!! I will get a belated BDay card off to our Dutchess (my spelling) right away. Great to hear her response! I will be in touch with her now that I have her address. So, thank you! Oh, so there is no phone we could call and talk to her on? I wish..We need a good girl's giggle and a belly laugh about now from her! God bless her!!!

A. Oldtymerr said...

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the 15 car 1920 Howe's show was but a part of the 25 car 1921 Howe's outfit.

Over the winter Mugivan and Co took the 1920 show into the Wm P Hall place where the Yank show (which they had bought) was also quartered and taking the best from each put together the fantastic 1921 Howe's Great London.

And that's the show a young Clyde Beatty joined.