Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Riddle's Sanctuary #1 (From Scott Riddle)

scott art 3, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Gary and I were talking about "Artie" the other day--I said I didn't realize
how big he was until I saw this photo--it was taken Oct. 2007.


Anonymous said...

Great photos today, good to see Peggy and Amy along with the rest. I remember Gary stopping by Reston when we were with Big Apple, I believe he had Smokey and Ardvark. Is Artie aka Ardvark?
Erik Jaeger

Buckles said...

Same elephant, different name.

Anonymous said...

I never knew that was his name(Ardvark) but it suits him as I've seen him 'dig in' like one.He has sure grown in the years since I last saw him.Young blokes and girls should make every effort to learn from Scott and Heidi before they hang up their hooks.
Glenn Sullivan

Anonymous said...

and I thought Tommy and Willy (Bret Bronson) were "big"...guess they were but this boy is H U G E!

Scott, thank you so much for all these great pics. Means so much to see some of these old friends from the Woodcock herd.

Paul Gutheil

Henry Schroer said...

Beautiful place, does this Peggy used to be Eva?

Darryl said...

wow Artie has really grown since the Houser's house of horrors days

Anonymous said...

Beautiful elephants, thanks for sharing the photos! How old is Amy now?