Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shirley Temple #3

MAIL0544, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Arthur Bros. Circus 1945

Cheerful Gardner with "India", "Bonnie", "Shirley Temple", "Vera", "Wilhelmina" and "Gentry Babe".


Anonymous said...

Is this a Harry Quillen photo?

Anonymous said...

In a combined bull and stock car like the one on Arthur, did they have internal doors or a canvas drop to sepaarate the two areas? Or, would that have been considered too dangerous in the event of a mishap that required quick exiting from the car?

Buckles said...

Yes, this and the two 101 Ranch were taken by Quillen.

Buckles said...

No idea how they partitioned the stock. I was told this was previously a whale car.

A whale show came to Hot Springs when I was a kid. The car was spotted down town on some trackage across from Blind Bill's news stand.
My mother and I paid a visit. I don't know what I expected but I was sorely disappointed.

Hal Guyon said...

Looking at the car there is only one double door in the center which means that if there was a barrier it would have to be either canvas or some type of removable one. I have seen pictures of other stock cars that had two or more doors on each side maybe a double and a single door near the end of the car. These single door usually were for access to the bunks where the stock handlers slept, at least that`s what I`ve been told. This car may have another door on the other side, but I would think it would be the same as this side. I have also been told that on some horse cars the doors were not exactly across from on another, but offset on each side in order to carry more horses. Never been inside one or old enough to remember this, but going by what my Dad told me and he was born in 1906 and saw a lotta shows, and made a lotta notes. I have several pictures of Authur Bros, I will try and see if I can tell more about it and let Buckles know.