Monday, December 21, 2009

From Peter Rosa #1

"Some viewers will remember these two "Emma" and "Marcella".
The former from her later tenure at Jungleland in 1,000 Oaks and the later, a long standing member of the Blue Show herd."


GaryHill said...

I remember Marcella's last walk.

Richard Reynolds said...

This wound be 1939, ’40, or ’41. The mixture of steel tired wagon wheels and pneumatics suggests those three years.

Note the Mt Vernon flat behind the elephants. That flat was off the Barnes show. The word “Combined” is at an angle to account for the snubbing post brackets.

From 1939 through 1942 Walter McClain used elephant pull over teams.

The overhead electric wires suggest the photo was taken somewhere along the Pennsylvania RR between Washington and New York

Anonymous said...

Looks like an ex-AlG Barnes flat car in the background.

Anonymous said...

What prevents it from being an ex-Sparks flat?

Anonymous said...

Interesting question with the Sparks railroad equipment as the wagons,tabs and cages are well photographed in the Ringling winterquarters during the early 30's as they had alot of fans back then. I don't remember seeing any of the Mt Vernon flats in photos of the Ringling train in the years 31'to 38'. But as Gordon Carver used to say, never say never as someone will come up with a photo of it! You don't see the Mt Vernon flats showing up till the Barnes show was taken to Sarasota. Bob Cline has photos from the Peru wq on his blog with a shot of the Barnes flats(5) that went there when they sent the cookhouse and bigtop to Peru in 38'. Also a photo of flats and stocks that had sat out in the weather so long the paint and primer was gone and can't tell which show they are from. Maybe someone will have the answer about the Sparks equipment.

Adaline said...

It's amazing to think that we all probably saw Marcella at some time or another during her 54 years on RBBB.

Frank Ferrante said...

Is there more than one Anonymous? Or is it someone who likes talking to themselves? ~frank

Chic Silber said...

There are probably several

of these chicken livers Frank

Anonymous said...

I did not ask "What prevents it from being an ex-Sparks flat?" I did address the question of what happened to the Sparks railway equipment. I don't remember seeing any photos of it after Sparks went off the road on the Ringling show. But I could be wrong about that and asked if anyone knew where it went.
Gordon Carver was the Question and Answer man in the LCW for decades before his passing and would have been able to answer my question. He was a big fan of the Sparks show.
Some of us are just trying to fill in the blanks.