Saturday, December 19, 2009

Down Under #1

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From Casey Gibbs,
Hi Everyone, This is from my friend Brenton Bullen in Australia. He has these 3 elephants from the Bullen Circus and keeps them at Steve Irwins zoo. He also had a book wrote called" Mr Bullen's Elephants" that has pictures of these 3 when they where punks in Tailand where his Dad went into the jungle to catch them. He also so has a lot of cats that he does film and comericals with. Casey

Dear Casey and Renee,

Hope that all is going well for you both. Thanks for all the emails that you send.

I am still at Australia Zoo Queensland wth the 3 elephants, but while there I have been filming 'ELEPHANT PRINCESS II' with Siam the elephant since November and finish in March 2010. I had to replace my elephant truck so bought a 6 year old Volvo Prime Mover for my elephant semi trailer- photo attached.

National Geographic Australia also did some filming for their Foxtel 'WILD' launch with my puma, tiger, tiger cub and macaque monkey. They were trilled with the results.

For my spare time I have purchased a 1923 Chev truck to do up as an old Bullen's Circus truck from that era. I am also going to refurbish one of the old animal cages from the 40's.

Pictures attached of the old Chev Truck, Zoran in the Chev,
elephants at Australia zoo, National Geo shots of Zoran and Kota the Puma, Elephant transport and Zoran.

I wish you both a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year 2010.



Anonymous said...

greetings Mr. Bullen i would like to wish you the very best of luck that life has to offer now and the comming years ahead . Raul ps. i have so fund memmorys of your elephants when i took care of them in Australia with the Monte Carlo show and the time we cross the nalibo desert from Perth to Adelade also i was wonding do you havenay photos of the tent when it blow down on us in Japan .?