Monday, October 05, 2009

From Don

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Hello Buckles,

I currently own the property on the ridge high above Martins Island near the Columbia River a couple miles from Woodland, WA. The local story is that Morgan Berry raised elephants and other exotic animals on about 80 acres here. I own about 30 acres of the original 80 acres if the story is true.

Long time residents of this area claim that Packy the long time favorite draw to the Portland, Oregon Zoo was born here.

They also say that Morgan Berry was killed by an elephant in the barn/holding pen of which the thick concrete walls are still intact. The original house of Morgan Berry is still being lived in. There is a new large sign that says "Elephant Farm."

The property is about 4 miles south of Kalama, WA

Also I recently met a man by the name of Bob Youngs that lives nearby that said he dated a daughter of Morgan Berry many decades ago

I have heard that one of Morgan Berry's granddaughters is writing a book on him or a narrative for a segment on Animal Planet. Have you heard of a book or movie about Morgan Berry or Eloise?

Any pictures of Morgan Berry that you could share by email would sure be appreciated .

Also do you have any info Eloise Berchtold?

Click this link to my web site if you want to see maps and pictures of the site.

My apologies if the rumors are not true.

The river view from the Elephant Farm where Morgan Berry lived.


Anonymous said...

That was indeed Morgan and Eloise's place. In the 1970's I stayed there a number of times, as it was where my family parked our circus equipment when we were not working. In fact we leased an elephant from him for our one ring circus. Morgan and Eloise were alright in my book. You might be interested to know that they also housed on that property bears, big cats, camels, and an African Eland which some hunter shot at and took one of it's horns off. And oh yes there was also the herd of African elephants. Also an Asian called Mei tai if I'm spelling it right. She was born at the Portland zoo through the breeding program that Morgan was involved with, and was also the elephant that we leased. She was a real sweetheart. A real good girl. At some point after Morgans death she went back into that same program and gave birth to several calves over a period of years, Unfortunately she was ultimately euthanized due to a health condition. The top of that hill in Woodland was a very interesting place to spend some time in those days. Let it be known and understood that Morgan and Eloise were animal people of the highest caliber. They were in it for the love of doing it. Morgan told me if they didn't have to support all those animals they wouldn't go on the road at all. They were up before the sun and worked till dark every day cleaning and feeding. Quite a job! They had a deal with the local Fish and game dept. When there was a road kill they would call and one of them would go out to get the carcass to feed the cats. In fact I went with Eloise one time to butcher a fresh killed elk and I took the liberty of cutting off a nice roast for myself. Well, I could ramble all day, and I've probably given more info than you wanted. Thanks for your interest. Ross Hartzell

Frank Ferrante said...

Ross -

I think that this is the place that John took me to once to pick up a prop or some equipment for the show back in '76. (Did your family have some property up near Seattle?) ~frank

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank,
Yes we did have a place up there. It was in what is now called Shoreline, about 15 miles north of down town. By the way, I would post under my own name, but I can't remember my name or password.

Unknown said...

Are you still looking for information? My email is I am one of Morgan's granddaughters.