Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yvonne Kludsky #1 (From Don Covington)

Massy-2009- elephant 2, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Hi Buckles,

Thought that you would enjoy these photos from the French circus site:

They show Yvonne Kludsky appearing at the Massy International Circus Festival in France recently. Yvonne is the daughter of Gosta Kruse who was the elephant trainer on Cirque Pinder for many years. Yvonne is now working in Spain. The single elephant she presented at the Festival is "DUMBA".



Mike Naughton said...

Above: You Tube with Yvonne Kludsky on the wonderful television program LE PLUS GRAND DU MONDE.

Why is it in the SUPER POWER OF THE WORLD we have 1000 channels and I only want to watch about 6 channels and none of those have shows like this?

Is there somebody in Washington that I can write to ?

I have a photo of her father, Gosta, when tenured with Betram Mills Circus that I will send along eventually.

I am working on a Stephenson Family photo essay for you. All in good time, chronic back pain hindering my hindering.

Anonymous said...

Yvonne's mother was Joan Fowles (which I may have mis-spelled) who presented "Joan's Teddy Bears" on Bertram Mills' Circus at much the same time as Gosta showed the elephants. Joan was British, and once she'd retired from the ring, was deputy manager at an old people's home in Reading, England. I was asked to drive her home one night after she'd visited the show with which I was working, and could easily have spent what remained of the night looking through her scrap books. Lovely lady.

Mike Naughton said...

le plus grand cabaret du monde

please note correction

Don said...

Thanks for the video link, Mike.

You don't see upholstered elephant tubs very often!

Don Covington

Anonymous said...

Joan was my Aunt, she died sadly a few years ago but her remaining sister is alive and well in reading. If anyone has any pictures they woould be gratefully received.