Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hold on tight!

Scan11227, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Yesterday morning enroute to Orlando, Dalilah pointed out Bobby's Race Rock bistro situated in the Disney World area. She seemed to think it had folded.


Anonymous said...

Dalilah is correct. Race Rock has folded. Bobby had sold the place to some Japenese investors, a few years ago.
A friend of mine, bought two motorcycles from the Race Rock sell-off. He said that they were not cheap.
The ticket above, is from Bobby's resturant in Mt. Clemens, Mich., run by Bobby's sister, for those who didn't know.
On another note. Circus Pages has been open for five days, here in Florida, and are doing BIG business. Two days have been turn aways. Let's hope this is an indication of what this season is going to be for show business.

Buckles said...

I sure hope so, yesterday my wife showed me a letter from our Investment Company including the amount we lost in the past six months.
She had to call both Ben and Shannon to pick me up off the floor.

Anonymous said...

Yes, many of us have been finding out we now have more B S than bulls.
We find the Circus to be a great getaway from all kinds of ills, but are cutting back on the VIP seating, lol and we need lol.