Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blue Show 1986 #1 (From Eric Beheim)

1986 RBBB-1, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

For many years, when the Ringling show played San Diego, it would always unload the elephants, horses and lead stock at the Santa Fe siding down in Old Town. From there, it was only about a mile’s walk to the Sports Arena. These photos were all taken when the Blue Unit arrived in 1986. Since then, more tracks have been added in this area and the unloading must take place further south. (From looking at the photos, it appears that the 1986 Blue Unit elephant herd was made up of mostly full-grown adults.)

Blue Show herd 1986 (In order of seniority)
1. Siam
2. India
3. Calcutta
4. Jewel
5. Lucy
6. Betty
7. Rani
8. Suzanne
9. Jenny
10. Targa
11. Kernaudi
12. Roma
13. Putsie
14. Karen
15. Carmen
16. Sophie
17. Bonnie
18. Nicole
19. Icky- Delivered calf "Juliet" 12-30-92
20. Alana- Delivered calf "Romeo" 1-10-93

This reminds me that Ben took several nice pictures of Joe's cross mount on the tubs with ZZZ the other night. For purposes of clarity he had to take two photos which I will get Shannon to join when he gets time.