Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gollmar ele post card (From Richard Flint)

Gollmar ele post card, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Here are a few more elephants in this advertising post card for you to
identify--if you believe their advertising! You spoke of the lease
for the two years 4-paw-Sells was off the road and Bill Cooker dated
the photo 1913, after 3-Paw-Sells had returned to the road for
1910-11. Can you tell us about the Gollmar herd in those years? How
long did Ringling continue to lease elephants to their cousins? Nice
to have Bill contributing to the blog.
Dick Flint

"The elephant herd on 4-Paw & Sells for the final two seasons (1910-11) consisted of 14 elephants and George Denman, brought over from Barnum & Bailey, was placed in charge." Buckles

Ring 1- Presented by Oscar Vought
1. Babe
2. Rubber
3. Vanita
4. Betts
5. Alice

Ring 2- Presented by George Denman
1. Jennie
2. Rio (male)
3. Nellie
These three young elephants were imported from Hagenbeck to much acclaim. One newspaper review stated that three Great Dane Dogs were included in the act.

Ring 3- Presented by Richard Smith
1. Queen
2. Fanchon
3. Lena
4. Romeo
5. Columbia

A 14th elephant named "Lou" did not perform.