Saturday, September 06, 2008

Arthur Bros. Circus 1945 #4

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Cheerful Gardner with the enlarged elephant herd.
"India", "Bonnie", "Shirley", "Vera", "Wilhelmina" and "Gentry Babe"

"Wilhelmina" (Willy) was among the surplus elephants that wound up at Goebel's Lion Farm after the Hagenbeck-Wallace Show folded in 1938.
She was said to have been the last of the Lockhart elephants.

"Vera" was originally with Robbins Bros. (Fred Buchanan) and wound up at Hall's place upon that show's infamous failure.
Eventually owned by Jimmy Hamiter who was one of the men drafted into the Army during WW2 and given 30 days to get rid of his elephant.

"Shirley" (Shirley Temple) was imported by the Kellogg Family for their private zoo in Los Angeles. She was donated to the LA Zoo in 1935 and from there to a zoo in Colorado Springs before being purchased by Mr. Arthur.