Saturday, September 06, 2008

Arthur Bros. Circus 1945 #1

Scan10686, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

This Harry Quillen photo shows the new and improved Arthur Bros. Railroad Show in 1945 after leasing former Hagenbeck-Wallace equipment that had been stored for seven years at Louis Goebel's Lion Farm.


Roger Smith said...

On August 17th, 1945, in Bridgeport, Ohio, Terrell Jacobs' cages were dumped over the side of the Authur Bros. flatcars, and the show went on without him. See photo on page 7 of the March-April, 1986, BANDWAGON. Maybe some historian can provide details of the incident I have not discovered.

Roger Smith

Anonymous said...

I never could understand why we see so many shots of elephants pushing wagons, instead of pulling. By pushing all that is usually accomplished is to mire the back of the wagon in deeper.
Bob Kitto

Anonymous said...

There are several issues. Pulling on the tongue stresses it and the kingbolt, which takes all of the force transversely [shear] while passing it through the body to the wheels. That's why they made the body connections with the rings at the corner, to lessen the stresses on the running gear. You'll also see that the bull pushing has no harness. A combination of pulling and pushing, like on trains going over a tough grade, seemed to work best. Often a team was out in front, already pulling, and a nudge from a bull in the back got things going again.