Tuesday, July 15, 2008

James M. Cole Elephants #1 (From Dick Dykes)

James Cole Elephants #1, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Good Morning Buckles!
Just found these in some of my brothers files.
I beleive they were given to us when we had the concessions with Billy Martin back in the early 90's.
Thought maybe you'd like to use them

"The James M. Cole Circus toured from 1946 thru 1950. Their first elephant "Frieda" was on the show from the start, the other two "Elizabeth" and "Dorothy" were imported in 1947.
After the show closed, Mr. Cole retained the elephants as an independent act, 1951-'57, during the time Mr. Dykes pictures were taken, after which all three were sold in 1958 to Hagen Bros. Circus (Howard Suesz)."

1923-24 LaMont Bros. Circus
1925 Frank J. Taylor Circus (on lease)
1926-32 LaMont Bros. Circus
1933-39 Barnett Bros. Circus
1940-42 Wallace Bros. Circus
1943 Clyde Beatty- Wallace Bros. Circus
1944-45 Sello Bros. Circus
1946-50 James M. Cole Circus
1951-57 James M. Cole Independent Act
1958-61 Hagen Bros. Circus
1962-64 Sells Bros. Circus (Little Bob Stevens)
1965 Birnam Bros. Circus
(Died in quarters 1965)