Saturday, July 05, 2008

Baby Elephant Dentist 1924

Baby Elephant Dentist 1924, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Baby Elephant Dentist - 1924
Robert Ellen pulling the tooth of baby elephant "Futz" in 1924. 4x5 inch glass negative, National Photo Company Collection.

"This is a publicity shot for the famous Singer Midgets Vaudeville Revue. I love the name "Futz" but I'm sure someone misspelled "Fritz".
Logan was right, midgets must be carefully watched at every move."


Anonymous said...

Sandor and Elizabeth: Well, I agree with Fred Logan..Years ago Tommy Hanneford had Sandor and Elizabeth under contact and I used them for Advance in various cities....We were doing a major Mall pre-show that included John Herriott and many performers from Hannefords Circus...I did a boat load of trade outs at the Food Court for the peerformers at the Mall Food Court. I told Sandor not to bring his snake to the Food Court. Needless to say he did..about the time some of the female performers found out the snake was under there table I heard not only them yell out but the Mall Police were yelling at some shoppers that had just stolen goods and were chasing them down by the food court....So, Fred Logan knew what he was talking about. By the way is John Herriott feeling well these days? have missed his Blog comments.