Saturday, June 14, 2008

Walker Bros. Circus 2004 #1 (From Adam Hill)

MVC-736F, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

I was asked to send you these pictures of us on Walker Brothers in 2004. This is Tina, Jewell, Humphrey,and Chewy. Humphrey and Chewy came from Serge and Stevie Coronas in January 2003. They were bought to replace the retiring of Bessie. I was told camels are a poor mans elephant.
Bessie was retired to Wild Adventure in Valdosta Ga. The last I heard she is doing fine. They also have Queenie from Patty Gatti and Shirley from Karen Cristiani.

Adam Hill


Anonymous said...

Quality people who took care of their animals! They're missed out there. And as we all know the girls miss them too!

Anonymous said...

Adam and Bonnie: You are missed..You brought us so much joy and just knowning that the girls were being well taken care of was worth our many visits....Glad you have posted these pictures..Maybe I will get the last Deland Winter Quarters pictures of you and the girls to BUCKLES BLOG...Thanks for the elephant Valdosta Park elephant update.

Anonymous said...

FYI - Bessie is no longer at Wild Adventures. She passed away in January.

Liz (Green) Dane (former owner of Queenie)