Friday, May 16, 2008

York, So. Carolina #1 (From Hal Guyon)

Here are some photos taken by Bob Cline this past Saturday(5/10) of the York Quarters. The photos of the stone building which was told to us to be the elephant and lead stock barn, and also the front of the quarters lot were taken from E. Jefferson St. The shots of the long shed with CIRCUS WINTER QUARTERS on it are on Trinity St. The other side of the lot is bordered by Roosevelt St. Notice the old short wrought iron fence in the lower left of the lot photo, was that there when it was the winterquarters or do you know?

Hal Guyon


art ricker said...

Just for everyones information Henry Edgar is in the hospital.. I called him and he sounds just like he always has.. I will keep you posted.
art ricker

Wade G. Burck said...

Please give Henry my best when you talk to him again. Tell him if he quits pulling this crap, I'll let Clyde Beatty be the SuperStar. LOL
I am looking at a beautiful needle point of a white tiger jumping through a fire hoop that Joan made for me as we speak. Hope all is well.
Your friend,
Wade Burck