Monday, February 25, 2008

Cirus City Museum & Park

February 1, 2008

Dear CFA Members:

Re: Circus City Museum &-Park

We are in process of acquiring property, two lots, and one with a house on it which was built in 1906. Our goal is to develop this property into a historical and educational facility including many facets of the circus and circus life. We have hired an architect who has drawn plans for the house and park area which includes circus animals, an outside area covered with a circus tent-type roof,

small playground for children with circus features, a pond-pool area in which we hope to feature

an elephant fountain, etc. The facility will be handicap-accessible.

The total purchase price of the 2 lots & house is $ l00, 000. We have had large donations from both Kelly-Miller and Carson & Barnes owners, along with smaller donations.

With these funds we are in the process of borrowing the remainder of the monies.

We as a board are asking for donations whether they be monetary or memorabilia. We also would

appreciate any in-put that you may have that could help us in any way.

Send your donations to:

Circus City Museum & Park

P.O. Box 794

Hugo, OK. 74743