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"Fritz" (From Wayne Jackson)

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The attached photo shows the tusks of one of the three bulls that Barnum took to Europe on his tour, not sure which one this might have been? Somewhere in my library I remember reading about the three bulls and about Fritz being shot in France, most likely because he was just too much to handle (possibly in musth)? That may also be the reason for the second bull’s death, the third bull was dumped over board before they landed back in the U.S., possibly for the same reason?

From Bob Cline

If this helps any, I have the following information listed.

NICK - Stoke on Trent, England Nov.12, 1898.

FRITZ - Tours, France June 11, 1902

MANDARIN - Nov.8, 1902 near New York Harbor as they returned from Europe.


From Buckles

"Don Pedro" was executed in Liverpool 5/15/98 meaning that none of the four adult males with the show, made it back to the states. For some reason, the method of choice in those days was strangulation. I have a newspaper account giving the exact details of this elephants death, it began by stating that with the exception of the reporter and the Veterinarian all parties were excluded. After several stakes were driven on each side, two nooses were placed around his neck and tied off in each direction, the rope to his left included a pully block. The article concluded by saying as only the British can "A group of canvasmen took hold of the rope and at the command "Gentlemen walk away with it!" the beast struggled briefly and suddenly dropped and within four minutes the Veterinarian pronounced life extinct."


Anonymous said...

Before the proliferation of municipal water systems, especially fire protection systems with distributed hydrants, where and how did the shows fill their water wagons?

Buckles said...

My dad told me that at Hall's place they would hitch up a team of mules and take a water wagon down to the train station and fill up from their water tower.