Saturday, December 29, 2007

From Robert Perry

Buckles some sad news out of Australia the elephant we sold to Lennons (stardust circus) Arna in 93 is allegedly to have killed the trainer no one is sure yet what happened
enquiries are on going animal libbers are having a field day, the record in Australia
is 6 people have been killed by circus elephant's in 200 years more people die from dogs the horse racing Ind over 300 jockeys & trainers have been killed in Australia
over the last 60 years i don't think they will ban horse racing but they want to ban the animal circus
Robert Perry Australia
Former Animal Circus Owner
And Proud of it


Anonymous said...

Read the story on the newswire earlier today, but it didn't name the circus. Saw Stardust in Cairns when visiting my ex there several years ago. Nice show. Should they need any help countering media attacks from AR folks, our little shop may be halfway round the globe but we're always glad to offer gratis advice in a situation like this. Very important to stay on point and work from a written briefing book so no one person says anything off key. Very important to limit comment to a single spokesperson prior to and after any Coroner's Inquest. I'm sure the show owners know all of that, but when a small show is dealing with this kind of accident and the press attention it's a balancing act, staying necessarily guarded, while appearing to as open and forthright as possible.

Anonymous said...

The news report I read said that he might actually have died from a heart attck and been stepped on afterwards. It's sad to see a small show, with what I imagine are limited resources have to deal with the mighty fund raisers. Every story I read had quoted from AR spokesmen, who, of course, like the anti-war people gleefully photographing flag draped coffins, must be lining up to get their mugs on camera.