Monday, December 10, 2007


amybets1, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Here is Amy and Miss Bets--she was born Dec.8 at 5:18am--weighed
263lbs.--35 inches tall--she is very sweet and Amy is doing a great job of
taking care of her--she is a natural Mother--which makes life much easier on
everybody--please give my best regards to everyone and if I don't talk to
you before Christmas-have a very Merry One--Hi and a hug to Barbara--My Best
Regards to You Your Friend Scott
p.s. A lot of the good things I have accomplished around Elephants I
attribute to the fact that I was lucky enough to have met you many-many
years ago and even more fortunate to have had the good luck to work for
you--much of what I know and do comes from you--Circus World was probably
the most fun I ever had in my life--Thanks


Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Congadulations to the Riddles. I know your dream of your facility as it is has come true and am sure it wasn't easy, but with the dedication and hard work of both of you and the "savvy" of presenting your goals, you did it. You are a onderful example of elephant care and perpetuation here in our country and the direct opposite of that place in Tenn. that continuos to be closed to any public scrutiny and I feel so sorry for those wonderful elephants that must live out their lives in that phoney enviroement. Any way again the best to you guys. Its just great and a female as well.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Amy and the Sanctuary's team!

Thank you for your commitment and for sharing your joy with all of us.

Vincent Manero

Anonymous said...

Thw Woodcocks will probably never know how many lives they touched. Even though my experience with them was short, it had a life-long impact....and still does!
Cindy Potter

Lynn said...

Hope you don't mind I borrowed from your blog, couldn't pass up the great news and pics. I, too, have both the Riddle's and Woodcocks to thank for educating this empress. I learned my "pretties" from the best. I've been posting this memorial for The King.
Always interested in pics and stories about him.