Monday, December 31, 2007

1908 Barnum & Bailey Program #5

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In these days the elephant display was always early in the show so they could get off the lot and loaded on the train.
All the work was done by baggage horses.


Bob Cline said...

I have a 1907 listing of the herd with 17 elephants. Would the 1908 herd have remained the same?

Buckles said...

After the Ringlings bought the Barnum Show in November of '07 they decided to take 4-Paw-Sells off the road.
Now with surplus elephants on hand, eight were leased to the Gollmars and six went to the Barnum Show but upon arrival in Bridgeport a fire in the bull car took the life of the big African male "Mike"
The surviving five brought the 1908 Barnum herd up to 22.

Anonymous said...

Display 3
Ring 2

Prince Youturkey

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