Thursday, November 22, 2007

RBBB 1951 #2 (To Brad Brad, Sebastian's back)

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Just watched it for the 99,098 time and I never get tired of it. I am blown away that this show moved everyday.

Buckles, please pardon my ignorance, was there really an elephant named Minyak?

Also, didn't Hugo S. spend some time with Mills Brothers?

Finally, did the show have the French Foriegn Legion wardrobe or was that wardrobe created to cover the men's faces so Arky could get around the elephants without being identified?

I spend way too much time watching the GSOE.


"Is your foot getting tired Minyak?" That was actually her name.
Hugo Schmitt was with Mills Bros. Circus 1950-53 and had no connection with the movie.
As seen above, the Foreign Legion wardrobe was in keeping with the theme of the number and for no other reason that I'm aware of."


Anonymous said...

I too saw the "Greatest Show On Earth" and what a way to end Thanksgiving..Matter of fact when Holly inform Brad what the grapevine had to say about Angel I was in the donicker and almost broke my neck coming out to the elephant music. Presently my left arm is in a sling and that didn't help...To this day I go ape over that elephant music. I always like to see my GSOE DVD prior to my Sarasota winter departure. The 1950 Sarasota downtown scene is something..I like to ID present locations..Can any of you Bloggers?..And who doesn't remember some of the GSOE script..I remember back in my circus booking days pulling into a North Carolina town finding Roberts Bros. parked on a mall where they weren't suppose to be..The Mall Mgr. wanted them off now.. I went over to a group of the performers who who cutting up jackpots...Well, I soon found out what the subject was.. Each performer was attempting to top the other on who knew the most GSOE script..And wouldn't you know it I entered the contest too..So, what happen to Roberts Bros. that day...I found the lot and got the permits FIXED..The sponsor signed the contract but failed to do anything else for date...The person who signed the sponsor contract failed to inform his Lions Club members...he still had tickets and posters in his cars...Still miss Roberts Bros.

Anonymous said...

One of the lines in the office of JRN was "You can't get good acts for a 10 weeks season."

Nowadays a 10 week season seems like winning the lottery.

Buckles said...

Let's see just how sharp you movie buffs are.

Buttons: Well, us clowns are a strange bunch!

Anonymous said...

Men are a strange bunch.

Where do I pick up my brand new 1952 Gold Cadillac?

Anonymous said...

OH yes, please help identify downtown Sarasota...where is the DeSota Hotel and The Young Colony? Or better yet, what's there now? I also saw a quick sign for BENDIX.

Also the black and white elephant tubs...metal or wood and when were they replace with the lattice type metal tubs?

Regarding HUGO, wasn't he brought over by RBBB, if so how did he end up going to Mills's always one or the other: money or personality and money always cinches the deal.

Buckles said...

It must have been money, his personality was captivating.

Anonymous said...

Holly was a Bitch....Angel had it GOIN ON....She could pack a pipe, and make a GOOD cup-O-joe......Jim Zajicek Angel!! ANGEL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Hugo's case but Mills brought many acts to this country that went to RBBB later. Most shows including RBBB arrainged visas for the length of the contract leaving people to either leave the country or make new arraingments with INS on their own. Mills got the acts they brought in residence, or at least long term visas, allowing them to go on to other work in this country after finishing with Mills.
Some of the people thus benifited had already had contact with RBBB and were able to get booked over there when at liberty.
Mark Horton
ps I grew up seeing Jack Jake and Herman Joseph every season.