Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Riddle's Elephant Sanctuary #2

PICT0203, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Rex Williams always liked elephants whose heads were always the highest point like this one, he called them "proud looking" whereas my dad referred to them as being "Roman Nosed".
This was one of two elephants imported to the St. Louis Zoo in the early 1960's, Jim Alexander gave me their original names (one was Flo?) but were sold to the Circus World Museum in 1962. Chappie wanted to call them "Topsy" and "Turvy", thank God he was overruled and John Herriott held a pat hand on "Topsy" and "Eva".
In 1970 Wilbur Deppe sold the elephants (Topsy, Eva and Toby), the ponies and the Herriotts to Irvin Feld where "Eva" remained thru 1981.
I acquired her from Gunther in 1982 and the first thing I did was change her name to "Peggy" after one of my sister in laws, I had previously named one, with the same type disposition, after another sister in law , Billie.
"Peggy" remained with me for the next 15 years until her retirement to the Riddle Sanctuary. I see she is still going strong.


Anonymous said...

You are correct Sir. In their STL days they were Flo(rence)and Pearl. Pearl was named for Mrs. Floyd Smith, just a guess Flo was her sister. Who became Topsy or Eva I have no idea.