Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hugo Christmas Parade 2007

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Dear former Hugonaut,

As you no doubt know, each year in sunny Hugo (a.k.a. "Circus City, USA") the blow-off of the Christmas parade is Santa riding an elephant. This year, the Chamber of Commerce is emphasizing the circus biz and making it more of an event with a petting zoo, elephant, camel, and pony rides, entertainment, etc. It will be called "Circus City Christmas Parade featuring 500 clowns". They are asking those attending and all participants to don the garb of clown alley. I thought this might be of interest to the readers of your blog.

We are just back in winterquarters, closed on the 25th. in Ardmore, OK, enjoyed a fine season, the first under Ringling family management in 40 years.

Thanks for the blog, we all love it.

Jim Royal, Kelly Miller Circus, cell 580 734-3782.

" Marching the K-M herd to downtown Hugo for the Circus Roundup Parade, March 16, 1950.

Jimmy Hamiter, Bill Woodcock, Irish Kelly, Alonzo Dever, John Carroll, Fred Logan and Smokey Jones."


Harry Kingston said...

Hi Jim Royal,
I am so glad you all had a great season under John Ringling's new ownership.
John and you are great circus folk.
I had alot of fun meeting John for the first time at the Hugo opening and what a very nice person he is.
I feel like i helped Kelly Miller some as I bought ticket number 1 nad 2 for the new season.
Jim with all your circus knowledge I know you were a great help.
Thanks also for the great Al G. Kelly and Miller Bros photo the way it was in Hugo.
Harry Kingston

Anonymous said...

Well I met and knew five out of the seven leaders on that heard.I wonder what the names of some of the ladies being lead are?

"A great photo"

Buckles said...

First team is "Elsie" and "Margaret", second team is "Sally" and "Dixie" followed by "Victoria" and that's all I can make out.
They had seven punks in training that they didn't bother to include.

Buckles said...

The punks were "Jenny", "Kay", "Hattie", "Barbara", "Anna May", "Hazel" and "Norma".

Anonymous said...

Dixie would that be the Silver lake's Dixie? or I can't remember the name of Louis McNeece's cow?
On the punks and leaders I got five out of five.

Buckles said...

No this "Dixie" was a former Christy Bros. elephant. Came to K-M in 1946.
She would tip you over.

Anonymous said...

I guess I should have said I got five and five on the leaders and punks.
In regards to the Silver lake's Dixie. She would not have been of that age however like her name sake she would also not hesitate to tip your hat with you still in it.

Buckles said...

To elaborate on that, when Art Concello returned to the Ringling Show, he sold his Russell Bros.- Pan Pacific Circus to Clyde Beatty but his elephants "Margaret", "Elsie", "Daisy", "Dixie" and "Myrtle" went to K-M since Mr. Beatty already had eight of his own "Mary", "Sidney", "Anna May", "Babe", "Marian", "Addie", "Cora" and "Inez".

Anonymous said...

Buckles: I think Concello sold the Russell herd to Kelly-Miller the year before he went back to RBBB.

Remember he had the Beatty rail show out in 1946 which I believe only had the eight Beatty elephants.

Then in 1947 Beatty took over the show (along with a healthy debt to Concello) and Arthur went back to Ringling.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a season well done Jim. I think I worked four fairs this year three weeks behind K-M and never quite caught up.